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Lakiasiaintoimisto Juutilainen & Co Oy

Juutilainen & Co Oy law firm offers a fully modern selection of services for managing business and financial risks.

Our core services are here to help identify and solve legal risks your company might face. With our knowledge and expertise, we are also able to support your company’s business operations by combining legal and financial services into a package that best serves your company’s development.
We have worked with SMEs for decades and possess strong knowledge from many fields of the Finnish business sector:

  • Retail trade, wholesale trade, export and import
  • Metal industry and engineering sector
  • Financial operations
  • Franchising operations
  • Traffic and logistics
  • Construction and real estate development
  • Communications and media
  • Health care services

Tackle risks and boost your company’s operations

Our law firm is aware of the business risks in the SME sector. We know the root causes of those risks and can tackle them already before they occur. The goal is to help your company to make full use of business opportunities in a way that benefits the company the most.

By taking a close and practical look at your company’s operations, we find ways to boost your business and offer consulting in financial matters.

Change can be an opportunity

Companies often need legal services and consultation when they are going through a change of some sort. The change, big or small, can be planned by the company or caused by external factors. When it comes to enterprises, a change can be a huge opportunity that needs to be recognised and utilised. We help your company to notice and benefit from these opportunities.

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