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Identifying risks is our specialty

Our expertise and long experience help us to confidently identify the possible risks of your business operations. We find you the right solutions before the risks have time to occur.

We offer you our expertise, our legal knowledge and passion to solve problems and find solutions.

Auditing services

We offer you modern high quality legal services that develop your company’s operations.

  • Company and contract law auditing services
  • Legal auditing and training for partnerships
  • Legal auditing and training for subcontracting


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Take part in our lectures and learn more about the business world. Our lecture schedule will be available again once the current state of the pandemic so allows.

Successful tendering – successful procurement

Are you or will you be a part of a procurement processes? We offer you knowledge from a professional with practical experience! Get to know the procurement law’s requirements pragmatically: the lecture goes through the main points of the procurement law reform and the main principles of the procurement rules.

In a tendering it is necessary to submit an offer in the correct way. From our lecture you’ll get practical tips and advice for creating offers.


Responsibilities of the management or the CEO and risks of personal liability from the point of view of the limited company law and good management practices.

Update your knowledge on management’s responsibilities, acknowledging risks and protecting the company from them.

Planning and leading a company’s operations is mainly consisted of evaluating and eliminating risks. Risks must be identified beforehand so the company can prepare for them. Learn about mapping out risks and the ways to notice weak risks early.


Learn about the risks and possibilities of the growth phase with an experienced professional.

Get relevant information on the financial and legal risk factors and their management in the business world. Learn also about funding and carrying out growth plans.

Consulting and lawyer services

We offer consulting on many topics as well as lawyer services for the different fields of businesses.

Our main competences

One of our main tasks is to review contracts, negotiate terms and draft texts while taking our client’s needs, objectives, and field of work into account.

We broadly deal with contractual disputes. Our goal is to always settle contractual disputes through negotiation and mediation without disturbing the company’s business operations.

Our lawyers are experienced in the following areas:

  • Franchising, cooperation, and other similar contracts
  • Distribution and delivery contracts
  • Sale and purchase contracts
  • Agent and agency agreements
  • Licence agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreements

Questions regarding the company law are especially significant while founding a company and choosing a company form to adopt. We help and advice with the first steps of starting a business, such as drafting important documents and choosing the best company form.

Our law firm has strong expertise in company law and diverse experience from different work tasks.

Tasks on company law include:

  • Guidance in choosing a company form
  • Assistance in founding companies or other communities
  • Legal counselling for the everyday operations of a company
  • Assistance in funding schemes, transactions, and other arrangements
  • Risks

When faced with legal disputes, the primary goal is to always negotiate a solution that satisfies all parties. Our lawyers have also successfully represented our clients in court in contract, labour, company, intellectual property, competition, and tort law cases.

We have also been a part of multiple procurement disputes in the market court (markkinaoikeus) and taken care of many arbitration cases and settlement procedures.

Every client is equally important to us – we don’t measure your worth in euros.

Franchise contracts and other chain enterprise contracts form their own contract type that has legally important special characteristics. In franchising the franchisor has created a business model and the franchisee pays for the right to use the business model, the trademarks, and other symbols during the contract period.

We draft and study franchising and other chain enterprise contracts and work as consultants during the different steps of the process for both franchisors and franchisees.

Negotiation and dispute resolution are also part of our tasks in the case of a breach of contract.

The law on public procurement includes obligations, but also opportunities. It is necessary to know the procurement rules and how they are reflected in practice to carry out procurement procedures correctly and legally.

To be successful in the tendering competition, it is necessary for an entrepreneur to submit an offer that is done right and according to the requirements of the invitation to tender.

We have expertise from working as a consultant for the contracting entities and the tenderers in procurement processes. We also give consultancy in appeal procedures on procurement processes in market court and other instances in the matter.

The contracts and arrangements made for the company’s employees are a crucial part of the company’s operations. We have a very pragmatic way of handling and understanding the different phases of a company’s journey and how they correspond to the need of staff members. We also understand that a practical solution must always be found. Terminating employees is always possible within the rules.

Our lawyers help you to plan and carry out arrangements for staff planning. We also give consultancy on specific labour law issues and take care of employment disputes.

The regulations on movable and immovable property have huge differences between one another. Managing, using, and transferring immovable property is clearly more regulated and restricted, which requires legal expertise.

When it comes to property management and transfer, one must take into consideration the rules on inclusion of immovable property rights, the rules limiting the right to use and transfer immovable properties as well as the rules for formatting of immovable property transfers.

We offer services on property management, transfer, and other kinds of arrangements according to each client case.

Legal risks regarding the environment are more and more timely and related to the operations of different companies.

Environmental liability is based on strict liability and the legislation related to it obliges the operators to compensate for the environmental damage and disturbance caused by their operations. It is important for an entrepreneur to acknowledge the environmental obligations and risks linked their own company.

The risks and responsibilities must also be taken into account in different situations, such as company reorganisation and real estate sales. Our law firm has expertise and experience on environmental liability and risks from different fields.

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