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A law firm that serves the needs of your company

Juutilainen & Co law firm was founded in 2006. However, vice-judge Juutilainen has worked in the field of business law since 1992 and therefore the company has strong experience in the sector. Juutilainen specialises in mapping and identifying the risks of SMEs. Her expertise is to help you find the best solutions for your company and to plan your business operations.

Our company knows the field and the operations of an SME and is familiar with the everyday life of an entrepreneur. Throughout the years we have collected practical knowledge about the stumbling blocks of enterprises and know how to help you hop over them.

A change caused by external factors doesn’t always feel positive but finding the right solutions in these situations can turn the outcome into a positive development.

Our job is to make sure that the change your company is facing will have the best outcome from your company’s point of view. For a long time, we have worked with different kinds of states of change and our experience helps us to see these situations as bigger entities.

We find solutions and enforce them with you

We are here to identify problems and to find solutions for them. The implementation of the solutions is done together with the company and the entrepreneur. However, we do not expect that the company knows to tell us what it needs. We don’t work from outside the company, but as an internal part of the company’s situation.

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Our office is located in Espoo, in the Duo building of the Spektri Business Park. The address in Metsänneidonkuja 10. Our office is easy to reach: we are only a 15 min walk away from the Aalto University’s metro station.

We offer our services around all of Finland and can come to visit your company to get to know your operations and personnel.

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